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0.4 cu.ft. Retro 6-Can Personal Mini Refrigerator in Aqua without Freezer

0.4 cu.ft. Retro 6-Can Personal Mini Refrigerator in Aqua without Freezer

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Whether warm or cold, this personal refrigerator keeps beverages and foods at the temperature you need. Flip the switch to cool to keep cold up to six 12 oz. cans at a time or flip the switch to warm to keep your lunch hot. Equipped with thermoelectric technology, this refrigerator also includes power cords for both AC and DC outlets, so it works in your kitchen, car, boat, dorm room and more. Retro details, like a see-through window and chrome door latch, give this unit a cool blast of '50s style wherever it's needed.

Capacity: with enough space to hold six 12 oz. cans, this is the perfect way to store lunch, water, beer, wine, baby bottles, soup and more
Portable and compact: compact size fits neatly on desks or in small spaces, while a built-in carry handle makes this an extremely portable heating and cooling unit that you can take wherever you need to go
AC and DC power cords: includes both AC and DC detachable power cords so unit works seamlessly with standard home outlets and 12-Volt car outlets
Heating and cooling: chill drinks and beverages down to 45¡ãF or warm them up to 130¡ãF based on your ambient room temperature
Removable shelf: slide-out shelf provides the flexibility to store various foods, such as yogurt, cheese and more
Bring it on-the-go: bring it wherever you need to go, it's the perfect way to keep beverages and snacks close while in the office or your dorm room and is a great companion for long road trips or hot days on the boat
Nostalgic look: a great retro addition to any office or home
Thermoelectric cooling system: the thermoelectric cooler and food warmer works by transferring heat from 1-side of the device to the other along with electric energy
Eco friendly and safe: 100% freon-free and eco friendly
Multiple functions and uses: use anywhere to store food, drinks, snacks, breast milk, insulin, medications, as well as skincare and beauty products
Protective seal: keeps the cold locked within the interior to keep your drinks portable and chilled

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