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Vintage Copper Battery Operated 12 LED Lantern (12-Pack)

Vintage Copper Battery Operated 12 LED Lantern (12-Pack)

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Give a vintage ambiance to the indoor or outdoor party. Light your celebrations with these vintage lanterns from Northpoint. Designed with authentic vintage finish, these decorative lanterns are battery operated. Having 12 super bright, long lasting LED bulbs, making them energy efficient while illuminating the spot. You can adjust the brightness of these LED lanterns with ON-OFF the dimmer switch provided at the adjacent side. Long lasting LED technology makes these lanterns glow for about a 100,000 hour hence making them durable and cost effective. Forget messy wiring and heavy costs, you can now easily carry the glow. These lanterns are operated with heavy duty, 2D batteries. Carrying these lanterns has never been difficult, light in weight these can be easily hung using the swing arm handle. Looks great on any table setting, shelf or as a hanging piece. A great companion to carry be it for a trek, camp or as a backup in times of outage. Made from metal and glass, this vintage lantern truly revolutionizes lighting, both indoors and outdoors.

Watts/voltage/lumens: 1.5-Watt/3-Volt/6-Lumen per LED
12 LED lights in 1 lantern
Battery run time if turns on continuously: 24 hours
Lantern can be used indoors and outdoors
Pack of 12 lanterns
Requires 2 D batteries (not included)
Built-in dimmer switch and retro-style handle

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